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WHOO Gongjinhyang 4pcs Special Gift Kit

WHOO Gongjinhyang 4pcs Special Gift Kit

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1.Gongjinhyang Essential Moisturizing Balancer 20ml
Gongjinhyang Essential Moisturizing Balancer is an Oriental Herb Tonic
that provides softness and moistens by supplying water essence to dry skin.

2. Gongjinhyang Essential Nourishing Emulsion 20ml
Gongjinhyang Essential Nourishing Emulsion provides gloss
and life to skin by supplying sufficient nourishment and moisture.
By penetrating deep into the skin, keeps your skin clean and healthy.

3. Gongjinhyang Intensive Nutritive Cream 4ml
Gongjinhyang Intensive Nutritive Cream is an Oriental Herb Nutritional Cream
that protects facial firmness from the facial outline damage that can be caused by the flow of time. A Secret Court ingredients nourish skin with energy from the deep inside.

4. Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence 4ml

  • Bichup Self Generating Anti-Aging Essence is the typical essence of ‘The history of Whoo’ which cares about every skin troubles.
  • It contains Tojaha Bidan, which has the effect of skin self-growth, and Gongjin Bidan, Gen Ok Bidan, Chongsim Bidan, three secret noble processes from the Royal Court.
  • You can experience spontaneous generation, wrinkle reduction, hydration, improved elasticity, and improved skin tone with continued use of Bichup Autogenous Essence for more than 2 weeks.

How to use:
1. After washing your face, apply a moderate amount of Gongjinhyang Essential Moisturizing Balancer and pat for absorption.
2. Apply Nourishing Emulsion
 after washing your face and applying the Gongjinhyang Soo Soo Yeon Vital Hydrating Balancer.
3. Apply Anti-Aging Essence daily as the last step of your skincare routine.