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MISSHA Super Off Cleansing Oil Peel Off 305ml

MISSHA Super Off Cleansing Oil Peel Off 305ml

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Contains apricot seed oil, tea tree leaf oil, and Moringa oil and houttuynia cordata extract deep cleanse sebum and blackheads.
All of these exhibit anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties.

#Peel Off

Contains argan oil and sweet almond oil to deeply moisturize and effectively melt away heavy makeup and impurities. Nourishing ingredients like shea butter provide extra hydrating benefits.

Does not contain mineral oil, Phenoxyethanol, synthetic perfume, artificial coloring, and paraben to avoid skin irritation.

Contains polar oil that dissolves waterproofs and non-polar oil that dissolves long-lasting makeup.

How to Use:

Take an appropriate amount and cleanse with lukewarm water.

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