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Korean skincare routine for men.

What is the best approach to take care of man’s skin? Is there a difference between man’s and woman’s skin?  Most of the men use their girlfriends or wives' cosmetics, but this is not exactly the right strategy. Those products are simply not effective enough for men. Testosterone made man's skin 25% thicker and denser.

As a result, man's skin is better able to withstand wind, cold, sun and other influences. Wrinkles on the man's face appear later, but they are deeper and more visible. When choosing Korean men’s cosmetics, you should focus not only on the season, but also on the very condition of the skin and age. The skin type and age that is appropriate are usually written on cosmetics. Man's skin needs hydration at all seasons: fall, winter, summer and spring.  As a man ages, his skin becomes more sensitive, especially around the chin, cheeks and neck.

It is important to choose the right cleansing male skin products. Here is an example of routine using Korean man skincare products.

Use gel or cleansing foam on a daily basis (once a day is enough). Use toner that restores the acid-base balance and soothes the skin condition to wipe your face. Wash your face with gel/foam and use toner in the evening. Don’t over use, lukewarm water is enough to wash your face in the morning. This will keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful all day long. It is recommended to do facial peeling 1-2 times a week. It effectively removes dead skin and unclogs blocked pores. Peeling/scrub clearing away dead skin, therefore starting the process of its regeneration. This procedure makes the face look fresh and young. You can find a variety of male beauty products here.