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Korean Skincare routine for dry skin.

Dry skin type is one of the most common, therefore the cosmetic market offers a wide range of products designed to soften and moisturize the epidermis. Today’s dry skin care products are varied and rich in features. We will help you choose the best option among beauty products from popular Korean brands. There are some important rules to help people with dry skin to look great.

How to understand if your skin is Dry or Dehydrated? 
Dry skin is a type of skin that lacks sebum or lipids. The protective functions of such skin are reduced, which leads to a lack of moisture. How do you know if you need Korean skincare for dry skin type? The signs are as follows: the thinness of the skin, roughness, invisible pores, redness in the cold.

Skin dehydration is a temporary condition that can occur with both dry and oily skin. This condition is caused by climatic conditions or internal factors of the body, so it can be eliminated.

The main thing that the dry skin needs, is to strengthen the hydrolipid barrier since the oil glands in this case do not work actively enough. The lack of your own lipids can be replenished with proper care.

The main rules for dry skincare:

  1. Gentle cleansing. It is important for cleansing Korean cosmetics for dry skin to be gentle, hence hydrophilic oils and foams. In order to not disturb the already thin protective layer of the epidermis, use of aggressive agents is not recommended. Along with getting rid off skin impurities, the cleaning process should also provide moisture.

Examples of the cleansing products recommended for dry skin are: DR.Jart Teatreement Cleansing Foam, COSRX Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser, INNISFREE Apple Seed Cleansing Oil.

  1. Moisturizing serums and essences. Korean skincare for dry skin involves the use of essences with a moisturizing effect. As a highly concentrated product, the serum, aimed at quickly solving specific problems, in our case, is bringing of the optimal water balance to the skin. We recommend taking a closer look at such a premium product as Holika Holika moisturizing essence with Omega 3, 47 Vitamins, and essential amino acids.

  2. Masks. Korean cosmetics for dry skin include masks that you can use on the daily basis during your morning or evening skincare routine. When used, the nutrients are absorbed by the epidermis. The skin becomes radiant, soft, and moisturized as if you have just visited the beauty salon. The following products are one of the most effective: the BANILA CO Lotus Puressence Moisturizing Mask, JAYJUN Real Water Brightening Black Mask, PUREDERM Deep Purifying Yellow O2 Bubble Mask Turmeric, PUREDERM Deep Purifying Pink O2 Bubble Mask Peach, TONYMOLY Fresh To Go Aloe Sheet Mask.

Choose from a large variety of cleansing foam, a serum, a mask or a Korean cream for dry skin in our online shop. Try effective beauty products from South Korean brands for beautiful, radiant skin today!